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  • MY FEND TRADING is a Private Limited Company established in accordance with Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation No 686/2010 of Ethiopia.
  • Our company is a trading company specialized in Import and export trading. The export department supplies Ethiopian produced organic oil seeds, pulses, cereals and grains,
  • The import department is trading a range of products like industrial chemicals and raw materials, industrial machines, computers and computer accessories, art materials, stationery materials, Plastic cards (for banks and ID cards) PIN mailers, ceramics and sanitary products, etc 
  • Our unique feature is delivering our products with quality and timeliness.
  • Our strength is our people, whose skill, knowledge, and rich experience and integrity that is believed to place our company in the frontier.
  • We are committed to supporting each member of our firm and our clients, in an atmosphere of respect and trust.
  • We offer management consultancy and financial advisory services with a team of experienced and diverse professionals.
  • We strive to be management solutions to our clients and our community
  • Our distinguishing feature is our special focus to quality  and our commitment  to be a one-stop shop to our clients’ all round requirements.
Our Works

We are wholesaler and supplied oil seeds and pulses,grains and spices to our international buyers

Our Customers

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Our Customers are global.Mainly buyers from middle east,far east,Europe are buyers of our product

Certificates Awarded

In the management consulting department our staffs are highly qualified and earned management consulting certificate from EMI

Our values






We aspire and endeavor to be dependable management solution provider and trading partner.


We are engaged in global trading business and provide ethical and innovative management consulting services by using highly professional employees who are committed for quality in order to earn the trust of our customers while ensuring sustainable profits to the owners.